Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Me Want Cookies!

They might not be cookies but even Cookie Monster would enjoy them!


Eight Six Seven -- Five Three Ohh Nine

How many of you know the song " 867-5309 Jenny" By Tommy Tutone??

Well Mommy and I know every word.

Driving in the car yesterday the song comes on the radio. We turn it up and start singing/yelling to it.

After the song ends I look at mom and say "Lets call Jenny!"

Mom says "1--800 -- JENNY??"

"No Mom, 867--53 Ohh Nieynee Jenny!!"

Because I was not the one driving I pulled out my phone and called her.

While the phone rang Mom asked me "What are you going to do if she answers??"

I simply say  "hang up!"

The phone rings and rings and rings.

The longer it rings the more excited I become.

Then all of a sudden the phone stops ringing.

Might I add the phone is on speaker so we both can hear.

Mom and I look at each other.

Then some lady on the other end says "I'm sorry, but the number you are trying to reach has been disconnected."

I hang up and put the phone down.

I am SOOO disappointed!!!

The song will never be the same for me again.