Friday, September 2, 2011

Life is Peachy

It was Thursday morning and I was in my kitchen slaving over a batch of peach cupcakes.  I hoped this time I would not mess up like my last batch of cupcakes ((chills)). No prob, all was going great!!   I was mixing and cutting.  The best part was it smelled delish!!!  I was eating peach batter and couldn’t wait for them to be done so I could just eat them all!!  Finally it was time to frost.   Not only did the peach cupcakes look good but the peach frosting was to die for!! J   Task completed, I put them in the freezer so they would stay yummi and hidden from the members of this house.

It’s Friday morning and my peach cupcakes are still there!!!  I plop into the car; sleepiness still attached to me.   A peach cupcake tower full of heaven is sitting on my lap!  I just want to scoop a finger full of peach frosting and eat it; oh no, I just want to lick all of the peach frosting off the peach cupcake!   All is going great and I am almost to class when a mean driver cuts in front of our car and my mom, she slams on her breaks and peach cupcakes go flying!  You guessed it right into my lap!!!  And the only thing out of my mouth was “I CAN’T GET PEACH FROSTING OUT OF CASHMERE!!!” I am sooo upset words couldn’t describe!  I gently placed each peach cupcake back into the tower and made the peach frosting look presentable. I grab a handy-dandy-baby-wipe (I don’t leave home without some!) from the back of the car trying to clean myself off.   I walk into class.  The peach cupcakes were a success!  This was not a kitchen failure. J  (dark memories of spinach & blueberries still haunt me!)


**no peach cupcakes were harmed in the making of this story nor was a cashmere sweater.** 

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