Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Brownies!

In my class when someone has a birthday I like to make them a little treat let them know they are loved and cared about. 

I decided brownies would be a good idea! I even had a heart brownie pan!

I had the plan set. It was going to work and be great! :)
Walking into the pantry I realize NO BROWNIE MIX!!!

I had stalled all day and now I am running out of time. (W.O.W. really sucks you in for hours)

No problem this can be fixed. I have my licence! Quick run to the store and we are good.

**30 min later**

The birthday brownies are all mixed and in the pan. Now to go into the oven.

When I pull them out I find a little heart inside my bigger heart. :)

When it was time to flip the brownies over and out onto the plate to be dusted with powder sugar we came to another little bump in the road.

They stuck...

With help from my mom and some power tools we got it out.

The design was a little messed up, however that can be fixed as well.

Frosting it is!

Chocolate frosting is sooo hard to resist!!  Your finger just wants to slip inside the bowl so you can lick it off, or just pipe it right into your mouth.

The brownies eventually got finished, I ended up with chocolate allover my fingers and face :)

With a lime green candle in the middle to finish it off.

They turned out great!

Happy Birthday Sonny Smith!

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