Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frankenstein pumpkin roll cupcakes

You know its that time of year when you see Pumpkins of all sizes popping up in the store.

Mom and I went through all of our recipes picking out all of the pumpkin dishes.

The real question was where do we start??  Pumpkin Pie?? Pumpkin cookies?? Pumpkin cake?? Pumpkin cupcakes?? Pumpkin rolls??

Yes that was it! Pumpkin rolls!

We had everything we needed! "Oh goodie" I thought to myself.

I started mixing and measuring and looked good so far!

Then a visitor came over. My boyfriend came by after class to see me! :)

He was starting to be a distraction so I kindly reminded him he had some homework to do.

When i was ready to start pouring I noticed it seemed a little runny.

I checked the instructions again and I realized too much pumpkin.

Now I didn't think that was possible, but if I ever wanted this to set correctly it was too much.

So what do i do now??

It was time to make the call

(insert dramatic music here)

"MMOOOOMMMM!!!!! Can you come here pleassseeee??"

Well duhhh moms know everything.

She knew just what to do.  (I knew she would she is soo creative)

"Just add chocolate cake mix and make a bunch of chocolate pumpkin cupcakes."

I do just as she says and have the boyfriend do the "test."

Lick the beaters to see if my Frankenstein pumpkin roll cupcakes are deadly or yummi.

Into the oven they go.

I'm excited to see how they will turn out.

The house is smelling of Pumpkin, Spices and Chocolate so that is a great sign.

It's now time to frost. Chocolate Frosting sounds good with it! :)

The chocolate frosting was on the bitter sweet side.

Hopefully no one will notice.... :)

HOORAY!! the Pumpkin roll disaster rescued by 911 chocolate cake mix.

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