Friday, October 21, 2011

Collector or Hoarder??

When does one's curiosity, joy, collection and/or hobby become an addiction??

Is it when you have five or more of that category??

When you go to the store and find yourself buying things you think you "need" but in fact, maybe not...

Today we discuss our collections; groups and gatherings of items that perhaps have “materialized” into expensive and space grabbing addictions.

We can't deny that we have all been there...

For example in my early years I collected Nutcracker Dolls, Toy Poodles in all forms, Nesting Dolls, Chevron Cars, Lego's, and Barbie’s

More recently I have acquired “five or more” of Cookie Cutters, Belt Buckles, and I have just ventured into the world of Cows!  (I hesitate to officially count my belt buckles, less it ruin my pursuit of happiness so let’s just estimate the assortment at twenty something).

Now it would be a crime against my own gender if I didn't say anything about shoes.  Between all the females in my family (some males included too) we could provide footwear to a small country.  Secretly, I am searching for some really cool Cow-High Heel Shoes.

One that I am ashamed to admit I added to yesterday was cake plates.  I don’t know how it happened! Really! There I was wandering around TJ Maxx when I stumbled upon a very unique, vintage looking, cake plate.  I had to have it.

Now keep in mind that I generally do NOT buy new.  I adhere strongly to the belief of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, discounts and coupons. Clearly this one fell into the discount category.

Sadly I have used every excuse in the book to add to my collection(s).

Maybe I need an intervention, but recognizing my problem is the first step to recovery. Right....??

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