Sunday, January 8, 2012

Popcorn to Your Ears!!

I work at the Movie Theaters.

Every time I close I am allowed to take home all the popcorn I desire.

One night I brought home two large large bags home.

One regular popcorn and a smaller bag of kettle corn.

When I say large I mean I gave away about three large garbage bags and still had dayyyys of popcorn.

I decided to start giving it away to anyone I can think of.

However, who wants just popcorn??

Don't get me wrong its great and all but why eat that when you can have Chocolate popcorn??

Chocolate, I think yes!!

I put some popcorn on cookie trays.

Next melt some chocolate.

I did white chocolate and chocolate chips.

I even put them in cute little bottles.

Then just go to town drizzling both all over the popcorn.

Let it cool on the trays.

When you feel they are ready then go a head and eat your heart out.

Or give them away.

It is all up to you. :)

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