Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Salty and Sweet Bites

Having a Christmas party and want to show off to all your friends??

Or maybe its just your mother-in-law.

A fun little Salty and Sweet snack before the main meal is just what you need.

On a cookie tray place pretzels.

You can use square, regular, any one that pleases your fancy.

I happened to have the square ones in my  pantry.

Next unwrap kisses, or rolos, what ever little chocolate you like.
(This is a great part to have you kids help)

Oh remember buy and extra bag or just try not to eat them as you open them.
(I have to purchase an extra bag... or two.)

I went with peppermint and caramel kisses.

Peppermint :)

Caramel :)

Next stick them in the an 375 oven. for about three minutes. (or until somewhat melted)

While they are still warm place your choice of treat on top and press down.

I went through a bag of M&Ms and picked out all the green and reds. And all the non broken pecans.

M&Ms on peppermint kiss's 

Pecans on caramel kiss's

Be warned. These salty sweet treats are addicting. Once you eat one you can't stop.

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